Sunday, May 15


The wombat is a most endangered marsupial living in Australia.
Wombat is 0.33 meter tall and almost 1 meter long. It has short powerful legs and strong claws for digging. It uses its front legs to dig a burrow and that is where it sleeps .It has a pounch in which its baby lives until the baby is old enough to leave, the baby drinks and sleeps in pounch, too.
Wombat is a vegetarian. Usually, it is sleeps during the day and looks for food at night.

Wednesday, May 4

Differences between these two photos

1. On photo one Jian has two watches; on photo two she has one.
2. Saeideh's pants colour is orange on photo one; on photo two it's blue.
3.& 4. On photo one Shery wears two rings and she's not holding a pen , but on photo two, Shery has only got one ring and she's holding a pen.
5.On photo one Saeideh's eyes are blue but on the next one they become red.
6.& 7. The kangaroo has three legs on photo one and it losts one ear but on photo two it's normal.
8. On photo two Shery has a black bag but on photo one it disappeared.
9. Saeideh's scarf has one decorative border on picture two but on picture one it's two.
10.Nantis skirt has one lace on photo two, but it's two on photo one.
11.Nantis holds a black bag on photo two, but on photo one she holds nothing.
12. The word 'Australia' on the black board after Saeideh on photo one, but on photo two the word ' Wildlife' on it.

Friday, April 29

Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian is a famous singer-songwriter in Australia. In 2003, he was the winner of the frist 'Australian Idol'. Guy was bron on 26th Octorber 1981 in Malaysia. His father is Sri Lankan/Malaysian and his mother is English/Spanish. And he has two brothers. When he was six he moved to Australia with his family. He has a strong and beautiful voice and warm smile. His music style is pop music. His new single is 'Oh Oh'. He's coming to Sydney on 31st next month.

'I'm an Asian in an Australian setting', Sebastian says of himself.


It's your ooh
It's got me frozen like ice
Fixated on you but i
I think it's time to leave
Cos of you
I'm blinded by the nth degree
But baby potentially
You could be the end of me

She's that shady kinda lady
Trying to get with me
Girl you know that it ain't worth my time
And when she is close to me
My head becomes jelly
Get me outta here before i loose my mind

[CHORUS:]You got me witcha (oh oh)
The way you use that (oh oh)
How do you tame that (oh oh)
There's way too much oh oh for me to bare
You got me saying (oh oh)
Lady control that (oh oh)
You gotta tame that (oh oh)
Put your oh oh away
Cos there's way too much to bare

Now 'bout that ooh
It's cool
You know i'm aware
But what is going on upstairs
I think predominantly air
And if i
Wanted to talk then i'd
Rather dial intro line
Cos there's not a lot between your eyes

She's that shady kinda lady
Trying to get with me
Get me outta here before i loose my mind

[CHORUS]You got your oh
I got my fro
I think you should know
I need to go
Lady control
Give up the show
I think you should know
Put your oh oh away cos there's way too much bare

Tuesday, April 5

A real story

It happened three years ago in my hometown. In a hot summer day, I was sitting in a bus. I had just finished a whole day work. There were lots of people in the bus.
Suddenly, the sky gathered heavy clouds with the storm, the thunder sounded, the lightning flashed. Pedestrians escaped and vehicles couldn't move. The bus I took had to stop. The temperature fell from 30 degrees to 0 in twenty minutes with the hail falling down. The hail stones were as bigger as eggs. The bus window was broken by hail. Some people were injured and were screaming. Fortunately I wasn't injured but I was pretty cold because I was wearing a shirt and was wet in zero degree. We could do nothing. Fear surrounded me. After an hour the weather was quiet. The police and the fire men started to rescue the wounded. I disappeared from the noisy crowd.
When I came to my home, I watched the TV news on which the reporter was showing the biggest hail that is as big as a watermelon.

Monday, April 4


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Mei is a kind of flower in China. It blooms in winter . In winter my hometown is very cold, and all flowers wither except Mei. The colder, the more beautiful the flower is. Mei is symbol of strength, encouragement and nobleness.

Tewelve stars

Last Wednesday in Marion's class. We studied a new word 'horoscope'. Horoscopes are based on the position of the stars when you were born.
I collected these pictures which are about tewelve stars. I'd like to share these beatiful pictures with my teacher and classmates. Which one is yours?


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21 January - 19 February


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20 February - 20 March


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21 March - 20 April


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21 April - 21 May


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22 May - 21 June


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22 June - 22July


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23 July - 23 August


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24 August - 23 September


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24 September - 23 October


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24 October - 22 November


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23 November - 22 December


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23 December - 20 January

Saturday, April 2

A psotcard for my Mum and Dad

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Dear Mum and Dad,

Now I'm in Brisbane on my holiday with my fridends.We rented a beautiful house from the internet. Brisbane has lots of beautiful beaches. This afternoon my friends went to scuba diving but I thought it was dangerous, so I stayed on the beach having a sunbathing.Tonight we are having a BBQ (a party where you cook food on a fire outside) on the house's backyard. I am enjoying my holiday. I will call you on next Wednesday about 8:00 p.m. your time.

Missing you.


My name is Lily

My name is Lily . I come from China. I have been in Australia for about two years. I am studying English full time at ST George TAFE. In there I learn lots of things and skills, and meet some new friends.

I am married. My husband and I live in Kogarah, a surburb in the south of Sydney. Kogarah is a beautiful place and close to the beach. My husband likes walking on the beach. In my spare time I like cooking, I like watching movies, and I like listening to music, especially Chinese classical music which can make me relaxed.

And now my big wish is to have good command of English. So that the people living in here can get to know me, understand me and trust me.

Wednesday, March 30


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In this winter's morning, the sky is grey, and everything is covered by deep snow, even the trees' branches are hung with snow.It snowed heavily last night. What a cold day! However, a man walking alone on a path. Who is he ? Where is he going? Nobady knows, nobady cares.

In a far-away place, there is a tower, also with grey color. It's tall and thin. We can just see its sharp top.The roadlights are bright. The lights are the only warm color on this picture. We can't find another color except grey and white. The earth is sleeping.

Winter is here but spring is still far away.